There’s An Elephant In The Marketing Room: B2B Needs To Level Up DIY Videos!

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The number one problem in our content strategies (and we know it!)

There’s an elephant in the marketing room. It’s something that every leader likely knows in the back of their minds, but the thought of confronting it is overwhelming to the point that other, more comfortable needs takes priority.
The problem is that even the most well-equipped marketing teams are executing lopsided content strategies:
Lots of blog content and social media…
But we fall behind in producing enough quality illustrative, video, and audio content.
The reason for this, is that resources are always thin; budgets, skillsets and headcount to do everything we’d like to do always feels limited.
So we continue to focus on blogs alone, and this has been the traditional approach, but it’s no longer relevant if we want to stay relevant in the marketplace today

Today’s content strategies should start with video

Switchr strategies are born in the studio. Once businesses begin to really level up their video marketing capabilities,
scaling your content through all the other channels becomes incredibly simple
Video as we know is the king of content. And we invest so much into creating a polished brand image but then as we must build video content in house like product demos, webinars and announcements, we hurt ourselves by making really bad video assets and publishing them to YouTube.
Product engineers dress up (hopefully) and record screenshares from their laptops. The video and audio from our built in cameras and microphones suddenly deteriorate our polished brand image. Even a trip to BestBuy isn’t going to elevate our video to an acceptable level. You really do need a bit of professional grade equipment and some light training. And that’s where we come in.

Step 1: Switcher builds beautiful performance marketing studios

The first thing we do is we travel to your location and build you your very own in-house studio.
Every configuration is different, from simple setups like what I’m using here, to a much more sophisticated big production, live-streaming media room at your office.
We’ll also train your team to use it. these studios are built so that that anyone can go in and record perfect video any time with very little training.

Step 2: We also handle your post production (up to a month’s worth of creative assets)

The second thing that Switchr does is something I feel is our true superpower: We’re a full-service content operations provider.
This means we do all of the fancy post-work for you. In fact, all we want you to do is record high quality video content any time that you feel the need. We don’t want you to touch your file, just send it to us.
Our team of top-rated talent goes to work for you, building up to a month’s worth of marketing assets from your single recording.
You’ll get a dedicated team that includes a video editor, copywriter, graphic designer, and even a campaign manager.
Tour video editor will trim and polish up your video, adding Branded Intros and Outros, overlays, watermarks, and we can even insert callouts and other motion graphics throughout your video.
They’ll also cut out several short highlights, and package those up, also branded for social media
Our copywriters job is to watch your entire video and write a blog post summary. We know you’re going to need that blog content, and we have you covered there, too (by the way, this blog post originated as a video):

They also work with our graphic designers, helping them to identify your top takeaways. By the way, this infographic was also created from the same video.
So if you recorded a webinar, we’re going to convert key learnings into engaging infographics or an ebook. So now you’ll have top of funnel gated assets as well.
Finally, a lot of this content makes for great podcast material, and we can manage your channel for you,push that content out, and our campaign manager can also publish all of the other content we create for you, too.

Let’s get this going for your marketing team!

We’ve covered a lot here, and each experience is custom tailored to your needs.
Next step is to schedule a call.
I’d like to learn more about your specific content goals, and build out a solution that helps you reach them faster and with less work.
I look forward to working with you and your team!