The “Switchr Guarantee” – Take us for a test drive.

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Hey, it’s Mark Cafiero here. Welcome to

If you’ve been on this web site for at least 30 seconds, you’re probably getting  the idea: we build best-in-class studios for businesses and marketing teams.

I’m going to share with you our guarantee – one you won’t get from anyone else. But first a few things…

Yes, there are other studio builders out there, but we’re different because. We’re far more affordable, and our studios are simple; they don’t require that you have a dedicated videographer on your team to operate it. These are designed to be so easy to use that even your janitorial staff could turn on your studio and start making content that beats all of your competitors in the YouTube game.

But really, what scares many CMOs and VPs away from video is the post production work. Trimming the videos, audio engineering, adding intros and outros, overlays and all the work required to keep it on brand – that requires having an in-house producer on staff. 

We do all that for you and more. We don’t want you touching your file. The process looks like this:

  1. Go to your studio and record some content. Let’s say it’s a thought leadership interview with an expert in your field. Perfect.
  2. Record your interview. Maybe it’s live, maybe it’s virtual. In any case we have configurations for both. No more recorded Zoom calls with your web cam, that’s for sure.
  3. Send us your file.

You’re done.

In 10 days, you’ll get a zipped package with a cleaned up long form video asset with your own branded intro and outro, ready to publish to YouTube. You’ll get smaller video shorts all branded and ready to go for your social channels. You’ll get a written summary from one of our talented writers – they actually watch your video and can write all of your blog content for you. At your option, we’ll manage your podcast channel, too. So if it makes for a good podcast, we’ll publish that as well. And finally, if the takeaways are clear and fitting to illustrate in an infographic or an eBook, our designers will be on that, too. So you’ll have gated content as well.

And all you did was hit record and get in front of the camera.

So here’s the offer.

If you give us a try, we’ll have a consultation to determine your needs.

Then, we’ll come to your office or home office and build it.

On day 2 we’ll train your team to use it.

On day 3, let’s start using it. We’ll be onsite as you record your first assets. So I want you to have a webinar planned or a product demo, or an announcement. Or all three if you want. We’ll be there with you to record amazing content together.

You’re going to wonder how you ever survived without a Switchr studio in your office!

But, if you still don’t think this studio is right for your business, you pay nothing. We’ll take the equipment back. You can still keep your recorded content, and we’ll be on our way thankful that at least you gave us a try. No hard feelings.

So let’s get started. Don’t feel bad about taking us on a test drive. Contact us below and we’ll call you right back to set up a time to meet.