When resources are thin,
Switchr is your content enablement partner.

You record video or host a webinar.
build you a months worth of integrated marketing content.

Today's winning content strategies are born in the studio... Here's why.

A well designed video interview, demo or announcement can support many marketing functions

From SEO, lead generation, to sales enablement... content born from video drives every stage in your sales funnel.

Your in-house recorded content can be repurposed into a month's worth of integrated marketing assets

Once Switchr clients send us a video file, our team goes to work, converting it into many branded performance deliverables.

Partnering with an agency like Switchr allows you to free up valuable resources

What used to take months of time and budget to create best in class marketing content, can now be done simply, affordably, and at a fraction of the time.

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"...a game changer in modernizing our marketing operations."


"Like many companies, we were relying on the same traditional (and arguably tired) webinar format to communicate with our customers and prospects. Drop off rates were high as individuals simply weren’t motivated enough to make it through our complete casts.

Mark came in and completely overhauled our process, creating a professional but easy to use studio that we commissioned initially for our demand generation webinars. Interest quickly picked up across the company and others asked to get access to Mark’s studio for customer communications, employee communications, and internal training.

Mark's passion for high quality audio and video solutions, combined with deep knowledge and passion for delivering unique experiences was a game changer in modernizing our marketing operations."

Content production multiplies when teams level up their video capabilities.

Step 1
(optional, but recommended)

Our experts build you your very own easy to use in house studio with all professional grade equipment. From simple home office sets, to big production multi-camera corporate media rooms, we do it all.

Step 2

Your only task is to record your interview, demo, or announcement, and upload your file.

Step 3

From a single recording, Switchr's team of top-rated talent will build you a stack of branded long-form video, highlight clips, a blog, podcast, and infographics/ebooks. A 'la carte ordering, also welcome!

Step 4

Publish your content (or we can do it for you). Congratulations - you're now winning in content marketing!


Our Mascot

Think of the body of the octopus as the content you create in the studio.

SWITCHR takes your content, manages all of your post work, and sends you a complete package of branded variants, maximizing your marketing reach.

The octopus' arms represent all of your critical marketing channels.

Editorial interviews, demos, and announcements in your very own SWITCHR studio become easy to recreate and repurpose many times over.

Still unsure if your team has the bandwitch? No problem, as SWITCHR video editors, bloggers, and artists will repurpose your recording with a full suite of asset deliverables for you.

It's not just about creating a better content experience.

It's about creating content that adds real value to your audience.


Become the competitor you fear the most.

when surveyed, software customers were found to consume three types of searchable content in blogs, youtube and podcasts

A global payments marketing team surveyed their customers to get the answer to one question: 'are we building the right content for our customers'?

They simply asked them:
Do you prefer to...
1. Read your content (blogs and articles)
2. Watch your content (YouTube)
3. Listen to your content (podcasts)

The findings were profound: a perfectly even 33/33/33 split.

They were missing the mark with 2/3 of their audience. Consumers are reading less content and searching videos and images more each day.



While not a requirement, we recommend starting with a custom in-house studio build. It's always good to give your audience a better media experience than your competitors.

For content management, our top rated talent can't be found on typical offshore freelance websites. No job is too big or too small. From a 'la cart, to packaged options like these, we service startups to enterprise accounts. Every marketing team has unique needs. Call us to explore what's right for you. Click here to schedule a call.

Studio Builds

By Consultation

basic configurations start at about $5000 plus equipment

  • Detailed Consultation

  • Onsite Studio Build

  • Onsite Training

  • One Day of Assisted Content Recording

  • Complete Content Service (x1)

Video Post Production

Per Video Submission
  • Long-Form Video Editing*
  • 5 Social Reels
  • 5 Playlist Highlights
  • Blog/Episode Summary
  • Infographic or eBook
  • Podcast Prep
  • Campaign Management

Full Service

Per Video Submission
  • Long-Form Video Editing*
  • 5 Social Reels
  • 5 Playlist Highlights
  • Blog/Episode Summary
  • Highlights Infographic
  • Podcast Prep
  • Campaign Management

* Includes trimming, adding your provided intros/outros, watermarks, overlays, up to 5 callouts. Additional services including motion graphic design, and trimming out filler words, long pauses and other outtakes are also available for an additional fee.
** We'll help you configure your studio, and equip them with best in class recording equipment. Studio installation pricing does not include the cost of your equipment.

"...the entire organization re-thought how a small, yet strategic investment in an in-house studio could be turned into a revenue driver"


"Before Mark re-envisioned our marketing machine, we followed the standard recipe card of marketing: webinars, blog posts, and an occasional short video. The problem with that was that each individual component didn't fit with the others and more importantly, didn't create a truly coherent brand narrative.

When Mark created our media room, we immediately had professional-grade videos and audio capabilities to tell our brandstory. And once word got out within the firm that our new studio could be used for everything from sales training to client testimonials and from product demos to quick takes on industry news, the entire organization rethought how a small, yet strategic investment in an in-house studio could be turned into a revenue driver and a brand builder.

Under the direction of Mark as a producer, engineer, and master storyteller, we produced so much high-quality content that we needed to schedule the distribution."


Let's get your next project started!

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